About APA

APA Group (APA) is a major ASX-listed gas transportation business with interests in energy infrastructure across mainland Australia, including over 14,000 kilometres of natural gas pipelines, gas storage facilities and a wind farm. APA is Australia’s largest transporter of natural gas, delivering approximately half of Australia’s annual gas use through its infrastructure.

APA also has investments in other energy infrastructure through its minority interest in companies, including Envestra, the Ethane Pipeline Income Fund, Energy Infrastructure Investments, EII2 and GDI (EII) which owns the Allgas Gas Network. APA’s involvement also extends to the provision of commercial, accounting, corporate operations and maintenance services to most of these entities.

APA has an internalised management structure with direct operational control over its assets and no fee leakage. APA employs over 1,600 people, who perform all commercial, regulatory, government and stakeholder-related functions, as well as the day-to-day operations and maintenance.