Zero Harm


Our Approach to Zero HarmDowner Zero

Our business vision is ‘to be the preferred supplier of quality mining services throughout the regions in which we operate’. To deliver this vision, it is both a deeply held company value and a stay-in-business imperative that we operate without hurting people.

Accordingly, our Zero Harm approach:

  • Integrates with and directly supports how we work
  • Emphasises leadership at all levels, especially for those that supervise others, by setting clear and measurable expectations
  • Ensures that critical risks and their controls are well understood
  • Directs resources to ensure that workgroup controls stay effective and reliable
  • Engages and consults with the people that do the work
  • Supports employee well-being
  • Provides an appropriate business consistency, allowing for efficient knowledge sharing and improvement across our varied operations
  • Maintains efficient assurance processes that verify and improve how we operate as a business.

It is our intent that all people working at Downer Mining:

  • Understand our Zero Harm values, commitments and business drivers
  • Are clear about how our Zero Harm approach links our vision and values with company ‘how to’, and delivers consistent and superior performance
  • Know what is expected of them as they go about their work.

We believe the sum of individual and workgroup actions creates the organisational culture necessary to meet our intent to work without injuries, environmental and equipment damage, and other loss.

Our approach, illustrated in Figure 1 below, is based on an expectation that people understand the risks specific to their roles and workplaces, and that they actively work to maintain the controls – barriers and processes – that prevent harm arising from these risks.