Duketon Gold Project

The Duketon Gold Project is located in the Laverton region 350 kilometres north-northeast of Kalgoorlie in Western Australia. The project comprises an extensive tenement packaging covering over 2,000km2 of ground.

The project includes:

  • Moolart Well Gold Mine
  • Garden Well Gold Deposit
  • Erlistoun Gold Deposit
  • Satellite Gold Deposits

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    Collurabbie Nickel

    The Collurabbie area is located approximately 160 kilometres north of Laverton and is the northern most part of the Company’s tenement package. The basement rocks of the Duketon greenstone belt are concealed by shallow cover, but contain extensive ultramafic rock sequences which are prospective for nickel mineralisation.

    BHP Billiton has reported the presence of massive and disseminated nickel sulphides with significant levels of Platinum Group Elements (“PGE”) from deep drilling in at least five locations on their tenements to the north, in the same rock sequence that continues across the common border.

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