Why Rio Tinto

Rio Tinto operates on every continent. Wherever we operate, we behave in an open, responsible and accountable manner, and are committed to sustainable development. Our commitment to sustainable development is fundamental to everything that we do. An equal commitment is expected from our employees. The safety and wellbeing of Rio Tinto employees is paramount, and so too is their development.

We also offer incredible diversity – of people as well as careers. We are proud of our cultural diversity. You will find every race, colour and creed at Rio Tinto. They represent the best talent from around the world, forming a blend that is powerful and fascinating.

Culture & values

We are looking for candidates with outstanding ability and specialist experience, who have the hunger and drive to grow. Equally important is a passion for your discipline and an affinity with our company culture and values.

You will be working alongside some of the best people in the industry, in key operational locations, with cutting-edge technologies. You will relish the challenges. And we will give you the opportunity to learn and grow in your profession.

Our relationships with customers are built on collaboration and mutual respect. We strive to exceed their expectations.

With fellow employees, we build an environment based on safety, teamwork, support, encouragement and sharing of success. Each of us takes personal accountability for our behaviour.

Social responsibility

We aim to succeed, but succeed responsibly. We believe that acting responsibly produces real business benefits in the long term – such as lower risks, reduced costs, new opportunities, better relationships and a reputation that is respected. And it is what our employees demand.

We act responsibly towards the communities we are based in, engaging with local community organisations and building partnerships where our expertise can be of benefit. The initiatives that Rio Tinto’s businesses are involved in include projects to raise educational levels in remote communities in Australia and work to combat the problems associated with AIDS in South Africa.

Rio Tinto has also made a strategic commitment to sustainable development that requires our businesses to consider the environmental impacts of our operations throughout their life cycle. In many cases, we have used our close relationship with the environment to work through partnerships to improve understanding in such areas as biodiversity, land management and the ecology of river environments.