About Us


Sibelco Australia and New Zealand

Sibelco Australia and New Zealand, processes and supplies raw materials for the Australian, New Zealand and Asian manufacturing and primary industries and is part of the Sibelco Group. Founded in 1872 Sibelco began in Belgium and has grown into a truly multinational business with more than 245 mining and production facilities worldwide and is one of the largest industrial minerals companies in the world.

Sibelco began operations in Australia and New Zealand in 2000, and has expanded the business now to employ more than 943 people operating a network of over 45 mines, plants, sales offices and distribution warehouses. We have inherited a long operating history in this region with the longest running site, at Lilydale in Victoria, operating continuously for over 130 years. We supply products to Glass, Mining, Agriculture, Construction and Industrial Manufacturing industries.

Our Commitment

To safely produce the highest quality materials while working with respect for the environment and in consultation with local communities.

Quality and Technology

At Sibelco we pride ourselves on our capabilities in operations management, process engineering and research and development. We use innovative methods and sophisticated equipment to respond to increasingly stringent material specifications.

Sibelco is committed to the continuous improvement of its products and services. Quality begins in the mine, with strict exploration and selection criteria based on the end needs of our customers. Product consistency and uniformity is driven through our accreditation to International Quality Standard ISO9001:2008.

Environment, Health & Safety

We have a responsibility to the people and the places in which we operate. Sibelco maintains and restores the areas it is privileged to use in accordance with environmental standards and applicable laws. We also strive to work together with local communities and are committed to the health and safety of all employees, contractors and visitors.

Continuous Improvement

We are dedicated to the continuous improvement of each and every process in the company for the well being of our employees and to meet the needs of our customers.